My Favorite Star Wars Movies

I recently recorded an episode of Retake about Rogue One. At the end of the episode, TJ and I started talking about where the movie fell within our personal favorites list. I realized I don’t have this list written down somewhere.

You’ll notice that certain Star Wars movies are missing. I love this franchise, so I have good things to say about all the movies, but some just didn’t belong here. I’m sure you’ll understand. Here’s my list:

  1. The Empire Strikes Back
    This should go without saying. The Empire Strikes Back is Star Wars in all of its glory. The film is written very well, Vader has his best lines, and John Williams adds the iconic “Imperial March” to the list of Star Wars themes.
  2. The Force Awakens
    The opening line of this movie is literally, “This will begin to make things right.” Hell yea it did! After years of mostly-terrible Star Wars movies, this one made me excited about the franchise once again.
  3. Rogue One
    The first of many (I hope) spin-off movies that explore other parts of the Star Wars universe. The film has its flaws, but still a great Star Wars film.
  4. A New Hope
    I didn’t plan it this way, but right now A New Hope is fourth on my list. I love this movie, but you can tell it didn’t understand how big it would be.

This list will obviously change as more movies come out. What about you? Send me an email with your thoughts.